Burnt Alive Palestinian Baby .

Humanity lost :(

Just born , Just Breathed my first breaths and the death took me.
Just learned my new words , didn’t walk my first steps , and where am i know ? Im dead .
im asking my self where’s everybody , Am i meaningless to that extent , is the soul of a baby doesn’t mean to humanity and to this world anything that i have been killed that simply ? burnt alive ?
well , maybe the fear heaped your bodys and your souls that you can’t even blame theses murders and theses criminals .
Why everybody is thinking about his own theses days , frightened to the death to say the truth which is covered by shadows even though that a sparkle can show this truth .why you want to live as they want you to be .
heyy human , wake up , or don’t , live as a puppet ,live manipulated ! why , while you can be the voice of the ones who have been silenced forever , this world is ruined not because of theses who does the evil but because of theses who see and let them do .
Don’t keep silent ! Change the world !


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